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Technology Literacy Narrative: The Present

It is easy to point out the technologies I use on a daily basis, but it is much harder to discuss why I use them. The evolution of my personal technological growth raises some interesting questions that are essential for my growth in the future. In my essay Technology Literacy Narrative: The Past  I discussed the […]

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Listening Project

As part of the Listening Project with SUNY-ESF, I paired with Becca Soloman a natural resources management major from Massachusetts. During the project, we discussed many things including new media, our schools, our majors, and our future careers. The direction of the assignment was mostly left up to our discretion which allowed us to talk […]

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Lynda Podcast Reflection

I began my research of Lynda by talking with my mother. I have not spent much time personally using Lynda, but my mom has. After getting a good feel about the usage of the site from a frequent user, I spent some time of my own on the site. This process was substantially different than my […]

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FiveThirtyEight Podcast Reflection

The initial process of creating the podcast was confusing and ambiguous. Shiven and I began by spending several hours on the website FiveThirtyEight making sure that we knew everything the website had to offer. During this time our argument began to take it shape. However, there was still a major question that we needed to […]

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